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Dedicated to helping families with compassion and dignity.

For an individual with mental health issues, a family can serve as a much-needed support system. However, in some instances, a family can also be a source of distress for an individual which may cause mental health episodes. At times, issues within the family may be a legitimate cause for concern, while in other cases, it may just be a misunderstanding which can still cause considerable damage and pain. Family therapy can help enhance the ability of family members to support each other. By enhancing each family member and identifying their role, they can become a resource to the individual with mental health issues. The goal is to also prepare them to be a primary resource during mental health episodes targeting the individual. Family assessment can also provide necessary coaching on how to handle an individual’s mental health episode, traumatic events, work-related problems, and other life-changing events. If a family member(s) itself is the bone of contention, then setting expectations among them can be one of the treatment options.

We are here for your family

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