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Understand and better control your anger.

Family Matters Counseling Services offers classes in anger management. The course is based on Ronald and Patricia Potter-Efron’s book, “Letting Go of Anger, the Eleven Most Common Anger Styles and What to Do About Them”. Students begin with a pre-test called Anger Styles Quiz by responding to 30 statements about how anger is expressed. The quiz is designed to collate their responses into three anger categories:

  • Masked
  • Explosive
  • Chronic

Each category contains three to four anger styles:

  • Masked Category
    • Anger Avoidance
    • Sneaky (Passive-Aggressive) Anger
    • Paranoid Anger
  • Explosive Category
    • Sudden Anger
    • Shame-based Anger
    • Deliberate Anger
    • Addictive Anger
  • Chronic Category
    • Habitual Anger
    • Moral Anger
    • Hate Anger

There is also one additional anger style called, “Healthy Anger” which deals with how to express anger appropriately. Students can pay attention to those styles they tested positive for. Each of these anger styles is then examined in detail to identify their characteristics, damaging elements, and ways to overcome them. Students are provided material for each of the 11 anger styles summarizing key elements of the training.

Learn How to Manage Your Anger

Take the first step towards learning how to manage your anger. Contact us to learn more.