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You are not alone during times of struggle.

Group therapy is a cost-effective intervention and may be as beneficial as individual therapy. At first, group therapy may sound intimidating—imagine how a client who is even reluctant to discuss mental health issues with immediate family members is now asked to share those issues with a group of other individuals who are strangers. At times, these strangers are affected by similar mental health issues and can become a support system to each other. More often, these individuals may have anxiety and other varied mental health issues; but the underlining purpose is still served, which is to help fellow group member share and overcome their mental health issues without passing judgment or negative feedback since each one of the members in the group has one more issue that s/he is dealing with. Depending on the size of the group, one or more therapists may be assigned to the group who may act as a therapist, a facilitator, or a coordinator. They can encourage sharing of the issues with other participants and can also assist the group in handling various issues including social anxiety, conflict management, speaking up, behavior management, and other areas of concerns.

You Are Not Alone

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